our mission
To empower the private markets
with scientifically measured valuation, performance, and risk quantities
for more sustainable, equitable, and profitable outcomes.
our story
Sid Porter, Co-Founder
presenting to post graduate finance students
at the University of Washington
In 2013, the founders of FEV Analytics set out to accomplish an ambitious goal: to develop the world's first valuation technology. The absence of observable price in the private markets is private equity's grand challenge. It creates the structural issues that cost beneficiaries - ordinary people - billions every year. So we made it our mission to solve this very complex problem and help the industry get better at creating real value, sustainably.
Critical Thought and Collaboration
Mindfulness and the Long View in Everything We Do
The Essential Role of the Private Markets
Mathematical Elegance
Thought Leadership
From publishing original research to spearheading important industry initiatives, FEV helps asset owners, asset managers, and service providers across the eco-system understand the power of scientific measurement to resolve core operational challenges.
Sheridan Porter, Co-Founder
presenting to members of the defined contribution pension plan industry
DCALTA industry group
Pioneering Valuation Science
Valuation science is not a simple automation of a manual valuation approach. Nor does it have to mean a black box. Valuation science means outputs are repeatable, testable, automated, and anchored to immutable data that is auditable and verifiable. The FEV valuation framework meets these requirements.