From Your Own Rolling Universe of Opportunities, Evaluate Manager Performance
Apples to Apples

Benefit from Superb Value Source Clarity

Realize competitive advantage by objective and rigorous quantification of manager skill in:

  • asset growth
  • deal making, and
  • financial engineering
  • OPX makes measurement of value sources consistent, objective, and operationally feasible – even in tight time frames and for investors of all sizes.

    You can’t extrapolate future performance from past luck…
    but you can from skill.

    Compare Managers Directly

    OPX provides a completely comparative score – valid across vintage and industry – that allows empirical comparison of managers directly and without disclaimers.
    Because the underlying components of manager skill are measured objectively by FEV Analytics’ data science platform, the rolled up OPX score is objective, repeatable, and directly comparable.
    And if your organization wishes to reflect risk or strategy parameters in its OPX score, the default weightings can be customized without compromising absolute objectivity.

    Surface Alpha by Asset Size

    OPX lets you see correlations between asset size and performance at a glance, as well as the impact of outliers in overall fund performance, and where you might expect a follow-on fund to target in terms of asset size.
    Because OPX measures every asset to its own custom benchmark, vintage and market conditions are cancelled out, leaving alpha to be compared directly. Is the manager dominating a certain asset size, or are they yet to consolidate performance in a higher asset bracket?
    Curious about our custom benchmarks? Click here to read more.

    Measure Deal Premium Precisely

    OPX compares deal premium – how the asset is priced relative to its FEV – to the premia of benchmark public assets to measure a manager’s deal making skill. Buying low and selling high is a significant source of value and is critical to measure precisely.
    Conventional methods massively oversimplify the problem by not accounting for market movement, asset size effects, or the full picture of the asset beyond revenue and EBITDA. OPX remedies this with a mathematically rigorous isolation of the manager’s deal performance relative to and synchronous with the market.

    OPX Measures Where Manager Skill Resides:

    At the Asset Level

    OPX systematically measures sources of value from the asset level, defining manager skill by operational improvement, deal-making, and use of leverage.

    Built on FEV Analytics’ breakthrough technology, only OPX makes meaningful asset-level analysis not only possible, but super efficient.

    Start OPX in parallel with your existing processes and immediately benefit from asset level insight and apples-to-apples analysis. There’s no special person to hire, no disclaimers to interpret, and no code to write.

    There has never been a more seamless way to gain advantage. Getting started is easy!

    The OPX advantage is extraordinary:
    A fully maintained rolling Opportunity Index loaded with
    robust performance attribution analysis
    grounded in objective data.

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