A Theoretical Breakthrough

New Measurement Technology
Transformative to Private Equity Investing

  • Who We Are

    FEV Analytics is a data science company pioneering objective measurement technology and new conceptual fundamental reference points for the private equity industry.
    Founded in 2013 in Kirkland Washington, we are experienced technologists with deep quantitative focus and skill.

  • What We Do

    We make measurement technology that delivers information symmetry, integrates portfolio management, and transforms the private equity industry.

What We Deliver
The Measurement Opportunity with FEV


    Performance visibility through the J-curve


    Bridge the reporting / performance gap

  • RISK

    Unify risk measurement across the asset classes


    Safeguard against unintended risks


    Shine a light on fees versus performance


    Crunch days of analysis into just seconds


    Reward performance excellence appropriately


    Compare performance from a standardized view


    Reveal hidden strengths and exposures

How We Contribute

  • The private equity industry needs dedicated research to solve serious fundamental measurement issues by fully embracing the power and objectivity of data science.

    FEV Analytics was founded to do just that.

    The FEV Model offers a complete and nuanced portrayal of the relative size of any firm, big and small, public and private, in any industry. It represents a major theoretical breakthrough but its remarkable accuracy means it has many far reaching practical contributions too. For example, FEV enables private equity performance and risk to be measured in terms analogous to public equity.

    FEV Analytics has before it a unique opportunity to positively impact the private equity industry in a fundamental and transformative way.

    How will you contribute?